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Closed Cell Foam Insulation
Blown in Cellulose Insulation
Industrial Foam Applications

Looking for a certified and experienced insulation contractor to tackle a project? Get guaranteed quality results with Michigan Protective Coatings, LLC. We offer professional and reliable insulation contracting services for a wide variety of needs, working with the dedication and craftsmanship that has earned us a reputation for excellence. Get in touch for a quote today.

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Since breaking into the industry in 2001, Michigan Protective Coatings, LLC has been recognized as the leader in professional application of closed cell foam in West Michigan. We’ve provided clients with a wide range of services for their insulation and industrial coatings projects. Whether you are a builder, a homeowner, a farmer or a business owner, we can help you with your insulation needs. Contact us to receive an estimate today.

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Quality Work Done By Professionals

Michigan Protective Coatings, LLC is ready to fulfill your insulation needs. Whether you’re looking for closed cell foam or blown in cellulose - whether you are a builder with a discriminating customer, a homeowner that is looking for the best insulation, a farmer who could benefit from a cooler insulated to keep your products at the right temperature longer or a commercial entity with special  needs for a building, plant or vehicle, we are your experienced professional to fully manage your project — we’ve got the equipment, tools, knowledge and experience to guarantee success. Below you will find some of the types of projects we have worked on in the last couple years. Browse through our services below, but don't let the list limit you. Even if you have a different type of need, get in touch for an estimate today.

Bonus Room with Closed Cell Foam


Additions & Remodeling Projects

Cabins, Cottages & Guest Houses

Church Parsonages

Condos – Insulation and Sound Batting

New Home Construction

Vacation Homes



Basements & Crawl Spaces


Bonus Rooms



Utility Rooms


Home Repairs

Outdoor Fiberglass Pools & Hot Tubs

Under Hardwood Floors

Walls & Ceilings

Water Damage Mitigation

Gentex Vehicle Storage Building - Closed Cell Foam


Campground Buildings & Camper Cabins

Churches (Attics & Sanctuaries)

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Concrete Condos

Factories & Plants

Funeral Homes

Homeless Shelters

Mechanicals Buildings & Pump Houses

Offices & Office Additions

Restaurants & Wineries

Storage Buildings & Vehicle Storage Buildings

Stores, Retail Suites & Strip Malls

Tool Shops & Workshops

Air Conditioning Bases


Ductwork & PVT Headers

Microbrewery Beer Coolers & Restaurant Coolers


Specialty Rooms

Vans & Other Vehicles

Barn insulated with closed cell foam


Agricultural Barns

Farms Offices

Livestock Barns

Pole Barns

Other Farm Buildings

Egg Coolers

Fruit Coolers

Nursery Coolers

Egg Tunnels

Fruit Storage Units

Supply Lines

Water Lines

Water Tanks

Cooler Repairs

Outdoor Wood Boilers

Wood Burners

We use only the highest quality products:

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 Did you know that as much as 40% of a building's energy is lost due to air infiltration? Gaps, holes, and air leaks can make energy bills unnecessarily high! When you insulate with sprayed in closed cell foam, you are not just getting insulation, but also an air barrier, closing gaps that allow air to escape and add those extra dollars to you utility bills. According to the EPA, as much as half the energy used in a home goes to heating and cooling.  Maintaining an optimal heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system can make your home more energy efficient. With Spray Foam, HVAC sizing can be reduced up to as much as 35% according to the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association. Air leaks that waste energy and drive up utility costs can be filled with spray foam. Some common spots for air leaks that can be filled with urethane foam include areas behind knee walls, attic hatches, wiring holes, plumbing vents, open soffits, recessed lighting, furnace flues or duct chaseways, basement rim joists, windows and doors.


A prominent spray foam technical consultant once said, "...when added to the inside of a structure, spray foam 'glues' the whole building together, enhancing overall wind and pressurization resistance." Spray Foam adds strength and resilience. FEMA has classified closed cell foam insulation as highly resistant to flood water damage. The material can survive wetting and drying and can be successfully cleaned after a flood to make it free of most harmful pollutants. Spray foam prevents moisture and condensation throughout a building, helping to prevent mold and mildew. Applying closed cell foam in the wall cavities increases durability of the wall system because of its ability to conform to and adhere to the surface upon which it is sprayed. A wall system sprayed with foam is better able to maintain its shape under duress than a wall assembly without spray foam.


Spray Foam can make your home or other building more comfortable in many ways. It helps minimize airborne sound transmission. Sealing a building’s air leaks prevents drafts, creating a more comfortable indoor environment and providing better indoor temperature control. Spray foam acts as a barrier to water and vapor, helping to prevent condensation and water intrusion.  Sealing gaps with spray foam can provide a barrier against pollen, dust and insects which is great for households with allergy sufferers.


Not only will closed cell foam insulation save you money on your utility bills, but homeowners, builder and architects are often eligible for tax incentives, rebates and grants.

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We are a small business that can handle the big jobs! Did you see the master at work video above? That was sent to us by a repeat customer who took the video. His accompanying text said, “Watching the Master at Work”. If you contract with us for your insulation needs, your job will be completed by the “master”, too. You won’t talk to a professional and then have some teenagers who have no idea what they are doing show up at your home or business. You’ll see Dan, the owner of “MPC”, there. You might see Kurt, our master of prep there, as well. We prep like crazy – we cover everything that could possibly get any over spray on it, protecting your assets. We do a meticulous job of spraying and trimming, followed by a meticulous job of cleaning up. . We use the highest quality materials, store those materials with care and we follow the best safety practices.  Other companies may charge a little less, but they do a whole lot less work, too. What do I mean? Well, one example of something others rarely do that we always do is caulk around all your windows. We do all the little things that make the job truly complete. Builders like us because we leave the job site cleaner than when we showed up. Lots of spray foam insulators buy a foam rig and hire a couple people and start spraying away. They have no idea what they are doing and their work shows it. We are different. Dan is well trained, a manufacturer approved SPF applicator, certified, insured and very experienced. He can help you figure out the best way to handle any of your insulation or industrial coatings needs.

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